Academy Profile:

CCA is a Pre-K4 to 12th grade Christ-centered academy. We seek acceptance from students of any religious or cultural background. We are an outreach ministry of Christ Centered Homes, Inc. in Atlanta Texas.

Academy Focus:

Our focus is for all students to receive a quality academic education encapsuled in a thorough knowledge of our Biblical heritage. The goal of the school’s administration, faculty and staff is to guide each student into an awareness of his or her individual worth and an appreciation of the worth and individuality of others. CCA believes that every student deserves the opportunity to develop to his or her fullest potential in all areas of learning and at a rate suited to individual ability. The school accepts students of various racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds. This emphasis is reflected in the curriculum and in our admissions policies. Scripture clearly teaches that parents are responsible for their children’s education and discipline. It is the belief at CCA that the school is not a substitute for, but an extension of the Christian home. Our faculty teaches students to accept accountability for their actions and attitudes, both on campus and in the community. Training includes helping students become loyal citizens of our country and to appreciate both their rights and their responsibilities as active participants in this complex society. These goals are rooted in the belief that each person is made in the image of God and therefore, worthy of dignity and respect.

Academy Staff:

CCA’s staff consists of certified teachers and teacher assistants who have answered God’s call to be teachers in a Christian environment.

Academy Administrator:

The academy Administrator is Dr. Beth Hill. Beth has a Texas Teachers Certification in Elementary Education with a Mathematics specialization, as well as a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Accounting. She also has a Doctorate in Philosophy with an emphasis in Christian education. She is a member of Champions Bible Church where her husband pastors.  Beth has 3 children who were educated using the A.C.E. Curriculum and classroom format. Two of her children have graduated and are fine upstanding citizens and Godly men. Both are servants of God and to their communities. One works with her at Christ Centered Homes, Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer and the other is the Minister of Music at Trees Baptist Church. God is good. Her 11 year old daughter is currently enrolled in CCA and Beth expects God will use Christian Education once again to help supplement the teachings in her home so that her daughter too will grow into a Godly woman.

Learning Center Supervisor:

Stacie Mooney is a certified teacher and has attended ACE Leadership Training for five years and received Certificates of Excellence each year. She is married, has two children and is a member of Smyrna Baptist Church. Stacie has 12 years of teaching experience in Christian Education. She has many years of experience in teaching children in a church setting as well. She looks forward to being able to minister to the students at Champions Christian Academy. We are blessed to have Stacie as our Learning Center Supervisor. Her teaching experience, gentle spirit and heart for ministry are a great asset to the Academy.

Music/Drama/PE Instructor:

Naomi Hodges works with the students as our Physical Education instructor.  In addition, she leads our students in Praise and Worship as part of the Music/Drama enrichment offered at CCA. Naomi is a wife and mother, and currently serves as Youth Director at Champions Bible Church. She is working on her bachelor degree in Youth Ministry from All Nations Baptist Seminary. Naomi is a great communicator and developer of interpersonal relationships with all the students.